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Check this out...

A Cinderella Story -- 2004 as Austin
Freaky Friday -- 2003 as Jake
Megiddo: The Omega Code 2 -- 2001 as David Alexander (Age 16)

One Tree Hill "All" as Lucas Scott(2003)
The Lone Ranger "All" as The Lone Ranger(2003)
Dawson's Creek as Charlie Todd(2001 - 2003)
Gilmore as Tristan DuGrey(2000 - 2001) |



Chad said in an interview that he liked hanging  with Josh Jackson(Pacey in dawson's) doesn't everyone??

 Don't we think that Chad was fine in Dawson's Creek? Charlie Todd who Chad played was the guy who two timed Jen Lindley in Season 5 of the creek. I don't know about you but i think he was a great new addition to season 5. I really don't think anyone else coulda played Charlie like Chad does!


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